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New Photo Studio + Event Space Coming to Parramore

A 4,688 sq ft building owned by James Ford at 1032 W. Robinson Street (MAP) in Parramore is on its way to becoming an event space and photography studio called Y & S Chateau.

Parramore recently got a new photo studio called Wall Crawl Orlando at 1016 W Church Street (Map) and has had an event space for a few years called 1010 West at 1010 W. Church Street (MAP).

Y & S Chateau LLC and Love is Key LLC submitted a request to the City for conditional use approval to allow 1,548 sq ft of the building to be used for small events like baby showers and birthday parties and 1,058 sq ft to be used for photography and videography use.

Y&S wants to include the serving of alcohol, which, in this type of district ( I-G/T), is only allowed when the property abuts a road. It fronts W. Robinson.

The proposed conditional use for Y & S Chateau LLC and Love is Key LLC is compatible with the surrounding area.

This project is anticipated to go before the Municipal Planning Board October 15th.

Photo Credit: Google Maps


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