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PARK(ing) Day Orlando 2019

Parking Day Orlando 2019 (Facebook) will take place September 20th 4pm-10pm on Edgewater Drive in College Park between Bryn Mawr and Smith. See map at left for exact locations. The event is put on locally by the Florida chapter of the non-profit American Society of Landscape Architects (Website).

During this annual event, on-street parking spaces are temporarily converted into mini parklets for the day with no disruption of traffic on travel lanes, sidewalks, or bike lanes. Read the Manual participants follow.

The event has 18 participants and will have an estimated audience of 500 people according to the event's 18A permit application.

The event was created in 2005 by John Bela in San Francisco. It's held across the country every year on the third Friday of September. According to City Lab, the inspiration came from "the work of conceptual artist Gordon Matta Clark, who created installations in New York City’s tiny, irregularly shaped lots that existed due to surveying errors."  

Humblebrag ahead. The first ever Orlando parking space-to-parklet project took place in 2010 and was executed by The Daily City as one of the exhibits of its monthly Mobile Art Show.


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