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Packing District Juice Stand Landmark Contractor Announced

Dr. Phillips Charities, the builder behind the $700-million project known as The Packing District (Website | Facebook | Instagram), has announced that Schmid Construction (Website) will be the contractor for its juice stand tribute building to be located at the northeast corner of Princeton Street and Orange Blossom Trail.

Originally built in 1948, an iconic piece of the early Dr. Phillips citrus operations, the juice stand replica will serve as a landmark for The Packing District and pay homage to the citrus industry in the area.

Remnant brick repurposed from old buildings constructed by Dr. Phillips in the mid-1900s will be upcycled as exposed aggregate for the new juice stand landscape walls. It’s an approach that will be employed across multiple buildings and become a texture synonymous with The Packing District.

The Packing District is a 202-acre transformational project centered at the intersection of Princeton Street and Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando, preserving and recapturing a defining part of our community’s history while providing a vibrant base of living and commerce. Historic buildings will be repurposed, integrated with new uses, and connected to dedicated public spaces by a new and bold plan for urban trails and a new 100-acre public park (gifted to the City of Orlando) dedicated to health and wellness, education, arts and community, and sustainability. Preparations began to ready the site for construction in 2018. The project will continue to mature over the next 10-15 years as laid out in the four-phase master plan.


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