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Over 3 Million People Will Through Orlando International Airport in the Next 21 Days

Orlando International Airport is expecting a record number of travelers this Christmas/New Year’s travel season. In total, nearly 3.2 million passengers will travel through it this 21-day holiday travel period.

Starting Friday, December 20th and running through Thursday, January 9, 2020, Orlando International Airport is expecting to see a 6% increase in traffic over last year’s previous record.

Here are some Travel Tips and Reminders from Orlando International Airport to make your time at the airport pleasant:

  1. Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled domestic flight

  2. Arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior to your scheduled international flight

  3. Do NOT bring weapons. Firearms are only allowed in checked luggage and must be unloaded and placed in special travel containers

  4. Use the FREE cell phone lots when picking up passengers. Simply wait in the cell lot until your party calls you after they retrieve their luggage

  5. Remember the “C” parking garage is open

  6. Do NOT wrap Christmas gifts. They may be subject to inspection by the TSA

  7. If traveling with a pet or comfort animal, bring a leash. The pet will need to be on a leash while the animal carrier is properly screened by the TSA

  8. If traveling with a comfort pet please check with your individual airline in advance to learn their specific rules for traveling with various types of animals

  9. Pack as lightly as possible

  10. Wear easily removable shoes

  11. Do NOT make light-hearted jokes about security or secure situations

  12. Please pack your patience! Keep in mind, you are traveling with 3.2 million other passengers at MCO this holiday season


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