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Outdoor Food Hall Coming to Orlando

Updated: Jun 10, 2018

18 retrofitted shipping containers housing food kiosks, bars, dessert shops, candy stories, and retail stores creating an outdoor food hall are part of a project being brought before the City Council today.

Rendering shown for illustration purposes only | CREDIT

Scroll thru to see more images submitted to the City.

Lake Nona Land Company, LLC is requesting from the City of Orlando a temporary use permit to allow the development of an open-air food, entertainment, and recreation venue (a food hall without walls) at 6877 Tavistock Lakes Blvd comprised of repurposed shipping containers. The containers will contain food makers, bars, candy shops a retail/shopping. Also present will be a dog park, kids recreation area and mobile food vendors.

The proposed hours of operation are Saturdays 11am-11pm and Sundays 11pm-9pm, Thursdays and Fridays 3pm-11pm.

More Orlando-area food hall news:

The plans submitted to the City show approximately eighteen structures constructed using repurposed shipping containers. Most of the structures will be single-story, on-grade structures. Some structures will include a second level for seating area. Structure height will not exceed 25 feet from base elevation. The site will be enclosed by a 4 ft and 5 ft fence. Mobile Food Vendors will access the site via the existing right-in-only curb cut on Tavistock Lakes Blvd (which will become gated) and a service aisle along the north property line. Alcohol consumption will occur on-site, within the enclosed fencing.

Lake Nona Land Company, LLC is requesting a two-year temporary use permit with the possibility of five (5) one-year administrative extension reviews by the Planning Official. The subject site currently provides temporary parking to existing Town Center uses in the interim before the completion of a parking garage ("Garage G").

The proposed temporary food and entertainment use occupies a portion of this existing temporary parking lot. Garage G will be complete prior to the development of subject temporary use. In addition to the remaining temporary parking, Garage G will provide sufficient parking supply for the anticipated parking demand.

The project goes before City Council Tuesday May 29th, 2pm at City Hall.

NOTE: We shared this last week but it didn't get much traction.

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