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Our Airport Had a Record First Quarter!

12,041,616 total passengers came through Orlando International Airport in the first quarter of 2018!

orlando international airport had amazing first quarter in 2018

Thanks in part to 309,000 additional seats coming into Orlando International Airport in March, the first quarter of 2018 is another one for the record books. Domestic passenger traffic is up almost 7 percent while international traffic has climbed approximately 13.5 percent over the same time last year, bringing the total number of travelers on a 12-month rolling total to nearly 45.5 million.

1st Quarter 2018 Statistical Data:

  • International traffic jumped 13.44 percent with a total of 1,546,676 passengers

  • Domestic passenger volume increased 6.97 percent with 10,494,940 total travelers at MCO

  • Overall passenger traffic was up 7.76 percent with 12,041,616 total passengers

  • Rolling 12-month total traffic after the first quarter is up 7.43 percent with 45,478,825 passengers


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