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Orlando Pulse Interim Memorial Nears Completion

Grassy hilly seating areas, a new photo wall, trees and more create a more welcoming Pulse Memorial site. While it's not open to the public yet, The Daily City stuck our lens through the fence to show you the changes!

Phase 1 of the two-phase onePULSE Foundation memorial and museum construction project is nearing completion at the original site of the club at 1912 S Orange Ave.

Phase 1 is an interim memorial. Once opened, it will provide a park like setting for visitors, survivors and their families to gather. The interim memorial is the first step towards the non-profit achieving its goal of the space becoming a place of rememberance, reflection and call to action. 

A small rolling pasteur of green faux grass encircles the property, with leafy green non-Florida trees giving the exterior space a bit of a roof-like closed-in space. These green spaces are gathering spaces for reflection. Guests can sit or stand in these areas. 

The building and iconic sign remains as-is. A wavy photo wall winds its way around the building. Openings in the wall reveal a black plaque listing the names of the 49 who were lost during the massacre. 

A shorter see-thru metal wall gives visual separation from the park seating. It appears that the designer wants guests to visit the wall first, then sit or gather in the grass. 

Details of the public design competition for the permanent Memorial & Museum will be announced in the summer of 2018. A design competition jury comprised of a panel of national experts will make the final determination on which design will be chosen for the Memorial & Museum.

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