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New local entrepreneur podcast launches with Pig Floyd's Thomas Ward as first guest

Downtown Orlando co-working space Venture X (Website) has launched a new podcast called Doing Business As (Listen) geared towards entrepreneurs.

The podcast is recorded, filmed, and produced in-house by BrandCrumbs (Website) at the Venture X facility at 100 East Pine Street (MAP)

The first episode features the founder of Pig Floyd's BBQ (Website) and Treehouse Truck (Website), Thomas Ward.

About the Podcast: In 30 to 45 minutes, listeners will learn from real entrepreneurs how they made the jump from 9 to 5 lifer to entrepreneur, how they managed their side hustle, and what failures lead to their success. Hosts Devin Leonardi and Vic Martinez sit down with influential business leaders to learn about the person behind the business, what makes them tick, and how we might be able to translate what they do into our own practices.

Inside the Venture X - Downtown Orlando podcast studio. Courtesy Venture X - Downtown Orlando


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