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10 Things to Know + Do This Week

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10 Things to Know This Week:

  1. Lake Eola Hotel in the Works

  2. Pizza Bruno Expanding Into Space Next Door

  3. Edyth Bush Foundation to Get New 3-Story Office

  4. All Orlando Area Lucky's Markets Are Closing

  5. Scooter Share is Now Rolling in Downtown Orlando

  6. All Papyrus Stores in U.S. Closing Including Orlando's

  7. Every Item on the Menu at SeaWorld Food Festival

  8. How to Become a Chik-Fil-A Dancing Cow

  9. Pop-Up Vegan Market Coming to Infusion Tea

  10. New Effort to Make Orlando More Age-Friendly

10 Things to Do This Week 

  1. Monday - Watch Aladdin singers not sing Aladdin songs

  2. Tuesday - Eat Pasta at this One Night Only Pop Up Restaurant

  3. Tuesday - Celebrate Afrofuturism's modern explosion of art and science

  4. Wednesday - Eat Ethiopian food in a group setting

  5. Thursday - Start your own podcast after taking this class

  6. Thursday - Learn how Orlando is becoming "Portland of the Southeast"

  7. Friday - Ride your bike through Orlando with a BUNCH of locals

  8. Saturday - Bring your kids for 3 hours of Orlando Museum of Art fun

  9. Saturday + Sunday - Stroll by 300 artists' work in a lovely outdoor setting

  10. Sunday - Watch short films about the world we want to live in

Coming Up 

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