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10 Things to Know This Week

Korean Fried Chicken, Rogers Kiene Building, Mills Park and more

10 Things to Know This Week: 

  1. Korean Fried Chicken Restaurant Opening in Mills50

  2. Rogers Kiene Building Getting New Courtyard Space

  3. Over 3 Million People Will Through Orlando International Airport in 

  4. Mills Park Shopping Center May Get Hotel and Office Space

  5. White Castle Orlando is Coming - Light a Hamburger-Scented Candle

  6. Belicoso Cigars and Café Opens in New Mills50 Location

  7. Sushi Restaurant Opens Downtown

  8. Downtown Coffee Shop and Cafe Construction Sneak Peek

  9. Tin & Taco Opens in Winter ParkMills50 Starbucks On Its Way

  10. Mills50 Starbucks On Its Way

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