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Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer's First Political Ad

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer's first run for political office was in 1981 for Kissimmee City Council.

He lost.

Based on the photo used in his political ad, Mayor Dyer had a lot of hair which was styled up and out, adding inches or height and width to his head. This was a common hairstyle for men in the 70s and 80s. The hairstyle appears to be the same color as his mustache.

John Hugh "Buddy" Dyer was born August 7, 1958. He grew up in near Kissimmee and became an Attorney after graduating from Brown University and the University of Florida.

Dyer is the 32nd and current mayor of Orlando, first elected in 2003. Before becoming Mayor he represented Orlando in the Florida State Senate for ten years.

This scan came from the facebook group Historic Orlando III.

(This is a History Tidbit, existing somewhere between story and bullet point.)


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