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Cap on Number of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Orlando Could Go Away With New Amendment

A Medical Marijuana Land Development Code Amendment that deletes the caps on medical marijuana treatment centers and removes restrictions on cultivation and processing goes before the City's Municipal Planning Board February 18th.

The Amendment is a revision to Part 4(2)R of Chapter 58.

The City’s ordinance has a cap of seven locations, originally based on the amount of dispensaries that the state had approved in 2017 when the City’s original ordinance passed. The ordinance also states that each dispensing organization could have only one dispensary in the City.

The proposed amendment would lift the cap of seven and delete the limit one location per dispensing organization.

This change would not affect the rules regarding where in the City these businesses can locate themselves. The location criteria would remain intact which includes buffers from exclusive residential areas, separation from churches and schools, and a mile separation from each dispensary location.

The proposed amendment would also allow cultivation in the allowable zoning districts. It's permitted in IG – Industrial General, H - Holding, and UR – Urban Reserve. There's a conditional use for IP – Industrial Park and C - Conservation.

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