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10 Stories That Will Get You Excited About Living in Orlando


1. Orlando Has a Ghost Kitchen Scene And It's Growing

2. Orlando’s Food Hall Scene is About to Give Birth

3. The City is Itself Getting “Future-Ready“

4. The I-4 / 408 Interchange Will Open This Summer

5. The Single Largest Residential Project in Downtown Orlando Has Broken Ground

6. Two New Bakeries Opened Recently Each Serving Completely Different Menus

7. This Adaptive Reuse Project Will Bring Food, Retail, and Offices Downtown

8. A New Orlando Vertical Farm Will Have the Highest Production Volume in the Southeast

9. Orlando Will Soon Have 5 Pizza Trucks

10. A 15,000 SF Bouldering Gym Is Coming

Get More From The Daily City:

Mecato's Bakery and Cafe in Downtown Orlando opened recently.


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