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Crawl to Wall Crawl for Walls, Y'all

Over 20 instagram walls will be available to pose in front of in one 4,500 sq ft downtown space called Wall Crawl (Website) at 1016 W Church Street (Map) in Parramore. The new business is a blend of traditional photo studio and trendy Instagram pop-up. Guests pay an admission fee and take pictures in front of colorful murals, interior design, and over-the-top/fantasy themed sets. The instagram walls get changed out every few months.

For a flat fee guests can enter for 45 minutes or 90 minutes and either take their own photos or let the in-house photographers (who they call instagram husbands) take pictures for purchase later. They cap how many people can enter at a time so the space isn't too packed. Guests can also book a photographer for a session, bring their own photographer, or rent out the entire space for events.


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