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Orlando Will Soon Have 5 Pizza Trucks

The new Orlando food truck scene has seen many changes since it started in 2011. It got its launch at a one-time-only event in a church parking lot that ended up drawing thousands. It moved behind Fashion Square Mall for a huge monthly gathering that lasted 6 years. It went nightly in Mills50 and weekly in College Park and Milk District. Every Central Florida city got its own food truck night welcoming Orlando trucks to their necks of the wood.

The Orlando food truck scene was allowed to grow pretty much rule-less for two years. When the City stepped in make the rules, they based them partially on what they saw was happening naturally and organically. The scene matured. It got swept up into massive Disney sports complex lunch shifts, it went into daily lunch shifts in office parks from Maitland to Melbourne, and it landed in permanent food truck lots.

But one thing remained consistent: there never were that many pizza trucks in the scene.

The stunningly gorgeous 900 Degreez has been the sole pizza truck in Orlando since 2015. It's worked out well for foodies. The truck serves excellent product and the truck itself is a sight to behold. The pizzas cook for 90 seconds and the oven actually does heats up to 900 degrees. The owner had a company cut a shipping container in half, mount it onto a truck, encase one side of the truck in thick glass, and install a gorgeous tile covered wood fire pizza oven. The pizza is excellent and the truck is entrancing.

4 new entrants recently joined or are about to join 900 Degreez in the the pizza food truck business. Late last year the owner of Hayburner quietly opened The Wandering Goat pizza truck and Rollin' Dough pizza truck popped up at Windermere Food Truck Night for the first time. In early January the owner of Cala La Pasta food truck told The Daily City they were working on a pizza trailer and Rock Box Pizza announced on insta they had a "mobile pizza joint" in the works.

Soon our food truck scene will have 5 pizza trucks buzzing around Orlando and Central Florida. Nothing wrong with that!

Maybe one will even open a virtual kitchen.

Below is the information we know right now. We will update this information as we learn more. Stay tuned!

Yes Boxi Park has shipping containers serving food. 900 Degreez serves its wood fired pizza out of a shipping container on wheels! The sight of this truck in the evening with its wall of windows shooting out a warm glow is a sight to behold. The oven actually heats up to 900 degrees and each pizza is cooked in 90 seconds.

Chef William Young, owner of Hayburner food truck, opened his second food truck at the tail end of 2019 called The Wandering Goat. The menu is eclectic and interesting, much like his Hayburner menu. The pizza is cooked in a wood fired pizza oven.

Rollin' Dough serves wood-fired personal pizzas, small bites and salads all made from fresh ingredients. The trailer is smaller and bright red. The owners also own a second trailer that serves garlic knot sliders and flatbreads.

The owners of the Orlando food truck Cala La Pasta are working on opening a small wood fired pizza trailer. The oven was made for them by Californo Brick Ovens. The owner wants the flexibility of doing food truck events and events at which only tent vendors are present, so the trailer will be small and a tent will accompany it. where

Coming Soon: Rock Box Pizza

Rock Box Pizza is an Orlando food truck in-the-works the owners describe on Insta as a "mobile pizza joint.” We've asked for details (please!) but the owners are keeping their project close to the vest. They did say they are going to do some pop ups before the truck comes out. *Update Feb 13* The owners say for the time being the project is at a standstill.


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