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Orlando Food Rescue Launches to Partner Unused Food with Those in Need

Rescued food in plastic bags saved by Orlando Food Rescue. Source: Orlando Food Rescue

Orlando Food Rescue (Email | Facebook | Instagram) is a newly formed organization doing positive acts in our city directed at food waste, hungry locals, and more. The Daily City had a chance to ask the organizer Nick Farrar some questions about his fascinating new project and he was generous enough to give us some of his time.

What is Orlando Food Rescue? Orlando Food Rescue is a volunteer led organization that recognizes the need to save perfectly good food that would otherwise be thrown out by local businesses and pair it with groups dedicated to getting it into the hands and mouths of people in need who are hungry.

How did you get the idea? I had started rescuing food from local businesses and needed help with the transportation. I wanted a way to recognize the people who donate their time towards helping me with this concept. Creating a social media presence to recognize these people and also to share the opportunity to contribute to a better Orlando for those who want to help.

What’s your background? I started volunteering with a local nonprofit, Orlando Food Not Bombs in 2019. I had never really volunteered before and instantly got hooked. I got to know a whole new group of people that I now call friends who twice a week, would cook food at home and share it on the steps of City Hall in downtown Orlando. I also got to know many of the people who had ran upon some bad luck and could use a home cooked meal and conversation from someone, non-judgmental who treated them with respect. It was an incredible experience. It then became my passion. Once Covid hit, Orlando Food Not Bombs had to take a step back to ensure our safety and the safety of the people we served. That's when I directed the time I was spending cooking for our sharings and applied it to food collection instead.

What other altruistic projects do you participate in? Every Sunday morning The Sikh Society of Central Florida provides free meals to anyone in need of food. They also had a toy drive over the holidays and have given away blankets. I have formed an incredible relationship with the members there and they have supported me in every aspect of what I am trying to accomplish. I stand with them along with my two daughters every Sunday morning during these events. They also have provided me with over 2800 meals in just the past six months. Those meals have been partnered with other non-profits that I collaborate with to get them directly in the hands of the hungry each week. Other local groups that I work with are SALT, One Heart for Women and Children, The Homeless Coalition, The Christian Service Center, and United Against Poverty. I also volunteer alongside the other members of Food Not Bombs to provide first aid kits, food, hygiene products, backpacks and clothes to those in need.

How can someone who wants to help you help you? We can always use more people that are capable of transporting food. We have just barely scratched the surface when it comes to the amount of food that gets thrown away each day. Any business that would like to see the food they can't use go to people in need instead of the trash can also reach out. I can be reached via email or through the Orlando Food Rescue Facebook page or on Instagram.


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