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Orlando Food Hall Bumby Arcade Has Executed Letters of Intent for Over 50% of Its Stalls

The Orlando food hall project called Bumby Arcade at Church Street Station at 110 W. Church Street (MAP) in downtown Orlando is moving along. Lincoln Property Company Senior Associate for the Southeast Region Matthew Weinberger told The Daily City that the company has executed letters of intent for over 50% of the stalls in the space. Pre-leasing began in October.

When complete, the space will have 15 quick service restaurant booths, 3 bars, and one high end restaurant space. It will serve as the main food hub for Tower One and Tower Two of the Church Street Station project as well as the entire Central Business District.

The opening target is Quarter 3 of 2020.

The Tenants

The names of the signed occupants, all restaurants, are not being released by Lincoln at this time.

Lincoln is curating the restaurant mix itself. It operates food halls across the country including Dallas, Arizona, California, and Florida.

The goal is to have 100% Florida-based brands present in the hall.

While restaurant and food tenants are obviously being sought, Lincoln is not opposed to leasing to a dry good/mercantile use tenant.

Stalls 8 and 13 will be owner operated bars. They will offer a full bar selection and will be created and managed with strategic partnerships with outside companies. Each restaurant tenant will also be able to sell alcohol, but limited to a specific drink or drinks, and be required to opt into an alcohol sales structure with Lincoln.

The Space

The space will be built out in phases. See layout below. Phase 1 includes stalls 1-13. Phase 2 includes stalls 14-17.

Operating hours will be long. The space will offer breakfast options in the morning and drinks until late into the evening.

There will be three entrances upon opening: one facing West Church Street, one facing the Sunrail track, and the third facing the courtyard which will eventually connect to Tower Two.

The wall separating the Orchid Garden space from the West Church street entrance as well as the middle staircase inside the Orchid Garden will be removed, creating a clear sightline to the courtyard. The majority of the ornate metal work, stained glass and lighting fixtures will remain. The rear Orchid Garden staircase will remain. The vision Lincoln has for the stall beneath the staircase is a large bar or brewery. The restrooms currently built will remain in place and be renovated. The large central staircase will be removed and the balcony on that wall will remain.

Stalls 9-13 will take over the space formerly occupied by El Bhuda, and before that, Maddy's Craft & Cru. This is also where the Sunrail-facing entrance and additional seating will be located.

Stall 18 is beneath the ground and accessed by a narrow spiral-ish staircase. It has a long narrow shape. Lincoln wants an outside company to take the space and create a speakeasy, wine bar, or craft cocktail bar with a Hanson’s / Mathers feel. Lincoln will not be operating this space.

The Rest of the Building

The Cheyenne Saloon next door will eventually contain an experiential anchor tenant. The space has not been leased and will not open at the time of the food hall.

The Sunrail track will eventually be moved so that it loads and unloads at Tower One, steps from the food hall. This transition will take place after Tower Two is complete.

The second floor portion of the food hall building not overlooking the hall will contain a common kitchen to be used by all the restaurants, roughly 10,000 SQ FT of event space facing Church Street, and 4,000 SQ FT of office space. The second floor seating areas overlooking the hall will be used for overflow seating.

The courtyard will be pet-friendly and feature outdoor seating areas and games like corn hole.


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