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Orlando Dog Cafe Named Sam & George Coffee Co. in the Works

Orlando locals Fran and Adam Chong are currently seeking $100,000 in donations to build a fully functioning coffee shop with the added bonus of allowing visitors to interact with adoptable dogs from the Pet Alliance called Sam & George Coffee Co. (Website | Instagram).

The two were inspired by visit to a cat cafe in Montreal. Cat cafes allow guests to sip coffee and interact with adoptable cats. They asked themselves why this concept (for dogs) didn't exist in Orlando.

The big idea is that interactions between potential adopters and the dogs go smoother because the dogs will be less stressed out in a calm setting like a coffee shop versus the Pet Alliance.

"Despite their staff’s best efforts, shelters can be overcrowded and overwhelming. That’s where we, Sam & George Coffee Co., come in. Our idea is simple. Let’s create a fully-functioning craft coffee shop offering the added bonus of visitors being able to interact with adoptable dogs from the Pet Alliance. Placing dogs into a cozy, homey setting allows them to feel more comfortable and thus, show potential adopters their true personality." - Sam & George Coffee Co. GoFundMe page

According to the business's instagram page, "the funds raised will solely be used to secure a location (by the end of 2020) in the Orlando area and create the safe space needed for both the pups and our visitors."

Here's the business's GoFundMe page.

Another coffee-pus-dogs business is also in the works in Orlando called Cups and Pups Coffee (Instagram) at 6612 North Orange Blossom Trail (MAP). That business, once open, will be a coffee shop and off-leash dog park.

Sam & George Coffee Co.
Credit: Sam & George Coffee Co.

Sam & George Coffee Co.
Credit: Sam & George Coffee Co.


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