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Orlando International Airport Gets An On-Site Non-Price-Gouging Gas Station

According to the Orlando International Airport, one of the biggest concerns heard from travelers for years was the lack of a gas station on airport property.

On Thursday that concern got answered with the grand opening of a new 7-Eleven service travel plaza, located across from the Intermodal Terminal Facility and “C” parking garage on South Jeff Fuqua Boulevard.

The new travel plaza, owned by Petroleum Marketing Group (PMG), features competitively priced Shell gasoline, a BUILT Custom Burgers and Baja Fresh Mexican Grill restaurant.

A gallon of unleaded was going for $2.25 at the travel plaza Thursday.

Some of the existing gas stations located near the airport, easily accessible by tourists looking to fill up their renal cars before returning them, have a checkered past... and present. In 2011 performance artist Brian Feldman protested them for not only charging high prices ($5.79 for regular), but refusing to even post their prices so cars could see before driving in.

Back them even though the City passed an ordinance that required these stations to post their prices, they refused and even sued the city because of it according to WFTV Channel 9.

In October 2019, two of the stations was still charging almost $6 a gallon and posting their prices in a place drivers could hardly see.

“It has been a long time coming but the nation’s busiest rental car airport finally has an on-site travel plaza which will enhance the overall Orlando Experience,” says Phil Brown, Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. “Not only is the new travel plaza conveniently located for passengers dropping off rental cars, it is also great for people using our “C” parking garage, cell phone lots and for those picking up passengers.”

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