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32 Murals of All Sizes Coming to Audubon Park Business District

32 murals will eventually grace walls, electrical boxes, and dumpsters across the Audubon Park Garden District as part of the Endangered Florida Birds Mural Project, itself the first phase of another project called the Audubon Outdoor Art Gallery.

Each mural will feature one of the 32 Florida birds on the threatened and endangered species list. The APGD Main Street program is commissioning artists to create the murals in order to beautify the district, "while educating and engaging the public on climate change and conservation efforts."

Deriving its nickname from the various streets named after birds in the area - from Bluebird Place to Raven Road - Audubon Park ultimately owes its name to John James Audubon, the noted ornithologist, naturalist and painter. The Endangered Florida Birds Mural Project is a nod to John James Audubon's inspirational and seminal work, The Birds of America.

The first round of murals should be completed by Fall 2019.

Below, Orlando based muralist and designer Christian Stanley (Instagram) is shown painting his mural on the side of East End Market.

Photo Credit: Christian Stanley


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