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Two Sailboats Will Sail Around Lake Eola to Promote MLS All-Star Game

Expect a race, live telecasts, live music, and more.

Two sailboats adorned with MLS All-Star branding will be placed in Lake Eola at 9pm on Friday, July 26th and activated the following morning to kick-off All-Star Week. They will remain there until the morning of Thursday, August 1st.

There will be a high-energy sailboat race—MLS All-Stars vs Atlético Madrid—where representatives from each team will face-off in an exciting lap around the lake. At select times throughout All-Star week, news media, MLS All-Stars and celebrities, and city officials will be brought on the boats to conduct live telecasts from Lake Eola. The boats will also anchor near the shore at times, bring a popular musician on-board, and have them perform a surprise amplified set during busy hours at the park.

Each boat is a 23ft long Precision-23 Sailboat with a 30ft mast, 30’x8’ big sail, 20’ x 6’ small sail. Average speed is 3-6 mph, depending on wind and utilization of the motor.

This installation of the boats is meant to "surprise and delight local residents, driving conversation in and around the park," according to the presentation delivered to the City by Civitas.

Functioning as dynamic signage throughout most of their activation, the vessels will also be made available to pick up special guests, such as media, influencers, and MLS All-Stars so they may create TV, social, and digital content.

A select few lucky fans will win an opportunity to take a ride around the lake throughout All-Star Week.

While sailing with or without passengers, the sailboats will follow a route just off the shoreline around the Lake. The planned sailing route around the lake ensures the desired high-visibility of the boats, both day and night, according to the presentation.

During down time, the boats will anchor in and around park entrances, occupying lines- of-sight from prominent Lake Eola destinations, including the International Bridge, overlook, and promenade. The goal is to create photo-worthy moments from all around the park.

MLS plans to offer free Swan Boat reservations to select fans throughout All-Star Week. Free Swan Boat ride tokens will be distributed to select participants in other All-Star activations prior to the game. All riders will receive a floating keychain to use during their ride.


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