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Site Plan for New Milk District 40-Home Infill Redevelopment

We told you in June the 4.8 acre property at 2113 East South Street (MAP) in the Milk District was getting redeveloped with the construction of 9 single family homes and 31 townhomes and the adaptive reuse of two church buildings.

The Planned Development rezoning request went before the the Municipal Planning Board Tuesday July 21st.

View the Staff Report HERE.

According to the site plan, 10 townhomes will be built to the right of the church sanctuary, 21 will be built directly behind it, an a parking lot and driveway will be built directly in front of it. Nine single family lots will be constructed facing the townhomes at the rear of the property. The single family homes will be a mix of front loading and rear loading designs.

A total of 129 total parking spaces will be constructed.

Several trees will be lost to the construction, a majority of which are located in the rear of the property. The list of trees to be removed is below.

The Trinity United Methodist Church sanctuary building (built in 1958) and fellowship hall (built in 1951) will be donated to and used by H2O Church.

Three its ancillary school buildings will be demolished.

Next steps for the project include the minutes from the Municipal Planning Board meeting getting reviewed and approved by City Council, the first and second readings of the PD Ordinance for City Council Review, the application for Final Site Plan Determination, and the application for building permits.

The property faces E. South Street on one side, is surrounded by homes on the other three sides, and is located within the Milk District.

The site plan includes the construction of 9 single family homes and 31 townhomes as well as the adaptive reuse of two church buildings and the demolition of the other three church buildings.

The green circles in the Landscape / Tree Removal Plan above represent the tress currently on the property that are planned to remain post-construction. The green circles with the red X's represent the trees that will be removed. A majority of the trees as the rear of the property will be removed.

This is an exact list of which trees will be saved and which will be removed.

Three ancillary church buildings will be demolished to make way for townhomes. Two of the church buildings will remain.

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