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What You Can Do About Lucky’s Leaving Orlando

Lucky's Market, the organic quirky grocery store chain leaving Orlando and the entire state of Florida by mid February, confirmed the news of their departure late last week on Instagram.

What can fans of Lucky's Market do about the loss?


Kroger, the company that withdrew financial support of Lucky's the month prior to the news of the closures coming to light, has a policy about feedback.

They must document it all.

Further, that feedback goes to the CEOs according to employees who spoke with The Daily City. In the case of feedback regarding the Lucky's closures, it goes to the the Kroger CEOs, Lucky's CEOs, and the Lucky's division of Kroger.

Below are the three things people can do:

Employees we spoke with told us the more that people call or email about a topic, the more that can be done.

Is anything guaranteed? Nope. But for those who will miss the grocer's presence in Central Florida, it may be worth a shot.


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