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Leonardo 5th Avenue Made-To-Order Suit and Tux Store Opens in Winter Park

Leonardo 5th Avenue (Website) opened its first store in the US February 5th in Winter Park at 121 E. Welbourne Ave (MAP).

The company specializes in made-to-order suits, tuxes, sports jackets, shirts, vests and pants.

The space previously contained The Grove, which moved to 341 N Pennsylvania Ave (MAP).

The 1,700 SF store contains a complimentary bar stocked with bourbon and whiskey. Lattes, cortaditos and other coffee drinks are also available free of charge.

With eleven stores in the Caribbean, Leonardo 5th Avenue is positioning itself to grow in the continental U.S. with Central Florida as its base.

Guided by the store's fashion consultants, customers browse color palettes, over 300 fabrics, trends and mood boards. With Leonardo’s Custom-Made line, the customer chooses the pieces they like, 30 different measurements are taken, a pattern for each piece is created and cut, and the final product is ready within 30 to 45 day. With Leonardo’s Made to Order line, customers choose ready-to-use patterns, the patterns are adapted to the customer’s body contour and the attire is then made to order.


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