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Outdoor Food Hall Project to Go Before City Hall

18 retrofitted shipping containers housing food kiosks, dessert shops, candy stories, retail stores and bars creating an outdoor food hall are part of a project being brought before the City Council next week.

Lake Nona Land Company, LLC is requesting from the City of Orlando a temporary use permit to allow the development of an open-air food, entertainment, and recreation venue (a food hall without walls) at 6877 Tavistock Lakes Blvd comprised of repurposed shipping containers. The containers will contain food makers, bars, candy shops and retail/shopping. Also present will be a dog park, kids recreation area and mobile food vendors.

The project goes before City Council Tuesday May 29th, 2pm at City Hall.

The proposed hours of operation are Saturdays 11am-11pm and Sundays 11pm-9pm, Thursdays and Fridays 3pm-11pm.

The plans submitted to the City show approximately eighteen structures constructed using repurposed shipping containers. Most of the structures will be single-story, on-grade structures. Some structures will include a second level for seating area. Structure height will not exceed 25 feet from base elevation. The site will be enclosed by a 4 ft and 5 ft fence.

Mobile Food Vendors will access the site via the existing right-in-only curb cut on Tavistock Lakes Blvd (which will become gated) and a service aisle along the north property line.

Alcohol consumption will occur on-site, within the enclosed fencing.

Lake Nona Land Company, LLC is requesting a two-year temporary use permit with the possibility of five (5) one-year administrative extension reviews by the Planning Official.

The subject site currently provides temporary parking to existing Town Center uses in the interim before the completion of a parking garage ("Garage G").

The proposed temporary food and entertainment use occupies a portion of this existing temporary parking lot. Garage G will be complete prior to the development of subject temporary use. In addition to the remaining temporary parking, Garage G will provide sufficient parking supply for the anticipated parking demand.

Below are images from the project's image boards presented to the City. These were presented to provide visual idea of what is being planned.


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