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Lake Nona Self Driving Shuttles to Get Boost Thanks to New Verizon Agreement

Lake Nona recently announced a new agreement with Verizon that will see it deploying the company’s 5G technology across the 17-square-mile “living lab” community.

Exactly what improvements the new technology will bring to Lake Nona is still up in the air according to Orlando Sentinel.

What is known is that the new 5G network will help Beep (Website), Lake Nona’s autonomous shuttle service according to NASDAQ. Verizon has been working on pedestrian safety and car accident prevention services.

Beep launched in Lake Nona September 2019. The shuttle vehicles are equipped with next-gen collision detection sensors in self-driving vehicles, which helps in avoiding accidents with improved route performance on a real-time basis Says Zacks.

Toby Redshaw, Verizon’s senior vice president, enterprise innovation and 5G solutions, says Lake Nona is "a real-world test bed for the innovative solutions we’ll deploy on top of our 5G Ultra Wideband network in 2020 and beyond."

Verizon and Lake Nona are currently testing smart lighting solutions and 5G and will explore additional solutions for healthcare, public safety and retail.

Lake Nona says that more innovation is on the way including Innovation labs, co-working spaces and accelerator programs. Already active projects include a prototype wellness home of the future, first-of-its-kind education initiative, and a longitudinal health study.


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