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Known World of Mills & Ivanhoe T-Shirts Celebrates Local Pubs

"The Known World of Mills & Ivanhoe" t-shirt created by Highforge highlights the many bars in the Mills50 and Ivanhoe Village districts. It features a trucker cap-wearing alligator character gripping a beer can in it's snout above a detailed map of the area. Check Highforge for details on when and where they'll be available.

The following bars are featured:

  1. @theluckylure

  2. @thehammeredlamb

  3. @ivanhoeparkbrew

  4. @hideawaybarorlando

  5. @gbbottleshop

  6. @thirstytopher

  7. @matador_orlando

  8. @ten10_brewing

  9. @thebrasstapmillspark

  10. @quantumleapwinery

  11. @the_guesthouse

  12. @stmatthewstavern

  13. @conrads_shanty

  14. @willspub

  15. @lil_indies

  16. Uncle Lou's


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