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THIS SUNDAY: The Daily City's Indoor Farmers Market Returns This Sunday to Downtown Orlando

We are so excited to bring Downtown Orlando our Indoor Farmers Market event a second time!

A farmers market is essential to city life. Sweating through one during an Orlando summer is not. So The Daily City created Indoor Farmers Market (Website).

In a busy energetic atmosphere, guests will shop for groceries, sip mimosas and coffee, eat lunch and desserts, all in air conditioning.

When we tried this once in June and 1,591 people showed up. So, we're doing it a second time. The Daily City's Indoor Farmers Market takes place Sunday July 28th 10am-2pm in Downtown Orlando at Celine at 22 S. Magnolia Ave (MAP). Use the Downtown Parking Guide.

Know Before You Go: Due to the popularity of the event and for the safety and comfort of guests once capacity is reached a line will form outside and guests will be let in in groups. No dogs or strollers please. During the summer months local outdoor growers produce fewer crops due to heat. All ages. The elevator's dimensions are 56in x 41in.

Check out who'll be there: 

  1. Pastured Life Farms - eggs, chicken, pork, turkey

  2. Orlando Meats - beef and pork

  3. Wild Ocean Seafood - fish and shrimp

  4. Kalera - vertically farmed organic hydroponic lettuces

  5. Nearby Naturals - mushrooms

  6. Microganic Farm - microgreens

  7. Frog Song Organics - in-season organic produce

  8. Fermentlicious - fermented foods, ghee, yogurt, tonics

  9. Bee Friends Farm - honey from Jacksonville

  10. Orlando City Kombucha

  11. Pea Pod Pierogie Company

  12. Sunshine Canning - pickles and jams

  13. The Nutty Peanut - spreads

  14. Smiling Goat Goods - jams

  15. Katinka's Nourishing Kitchen - bread mixes

  16. Downtown Credo - hot coffee

  17. Wavelength Coffee - cold brewed coffee

  18. Yaupon Tea - boxed teas

  19. Kashaya Yogurt - bottled yogurt

  20. 129plantsfirst - spreads

  21. Plants And Pamperin - plants

  22. Second Harvest Food Bank - soup

  23. Paleo Bakery

  24. CayCakes Bakery -vegan

  25. Fig & Flour - vegan and non bakery

  26. Greenery Creamery - ice cream

  27. Michelle Hulbert - bakery

  28. Trisha's Keto Kravings - keto bakery

  29. Poke Hana - Lunch - poke bowls

  30. Avenue A Eatery - Lunch - vegan empanadas

  31. Tamale Co - Lunch - tamales and tacos


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