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Hot Pot Restaurant Opens at ICON Park

Mikado restaurant has opened at ICON Park (Website) at 8375 International Dr (MAP). The menu offers a variety of sushi rolls, ramen, and poke bowls. Guests will be able to select the roll or hot pot addition that catches their eye, as dishes glide by their table on a conveyor belt. The color of the plate determines the price.

Mikado is the first of three restaurants set to open within the next year at ICON Park. Ox Grill is set to open this fall. It will feature cuisine from around the world with specialties like mofongo and spiced chocolate lamb chops, as well as a gourmet salad bar. The remaining two restaurants have not been announced. There are three additional Mikado locations: Hunters Creek, Altamonte Springs, Lake Mary. The ICON Park location is the only one that features the conveyor belt system. Mikado initially started in 1996 in New Jersey, before Executive Chefs and owners Joe and Leo Liu brought the restaurant to Hunter’s Creek.


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