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Hourglass District Now a Part of Curry Ford West Market District

Curry Ford West wants to be the next Audubon Park and Mills50 so it welcomed the group of new businesses moving into the area collectively known as The Hourglass District.

Hourglass District Curry Ford West Market District

In 2017 a group of merchants and residents joined together to create Curry Ford West Market District to create some of the marketing muscle that's been developed in places like Mills50 and Audubon Park. They want their expensive coffee shops too! 

Well speaking of expensive coffee shops, the group just announced that The Hourglass District will now be a part of its efforts. The Hourglass District is a collection of older buildings at the corner of Bumby and Curry Ford Road purchased and revitalized by a company called National Real Estate (WEB). This is the same company that bought and are in the process of redeveloping the restaurant and retail hub in Milk District at the corner of Robinson & Bumby The company filled each building with small local businesses including Foxtail Coffee and Tamale Co. Learn more about it here.

Eventually Curry Ford West wants to become another of the City’s successful and popular Main Street organizations. For now its official designation is that of a Market Street. Neighborhood commercial districts that are unable to meet Main Street America’s 10-point criteria for National Accreditation for Main Street are eligible for this program. This enables the City of Orlando to abide by Main Street America’s trademark and “Use of the Name” policy, while still providing training and technical assistance to individual neighborhood commercial districts throughout the City.

Curry Ford West’s boundaries run east of Conway Road along Curry Ford Road to the west of Bumby and is located within District 1 (Commissioner Jim Gray), District 2 (Commissioner Tony Ortiz) and District 4 (Commissioner Patty Sheehan).

The newly appointed board consists of Dianne Crouse, President; Jack Milhoover, Vice President; Kathryn Moriarty, Treasurer; Edna Trimble, Secretary; Bart Polachek, Past President; Justin Bauknight; Ben Kuykendall; and Sarah Kelly.


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