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Two New Restaurant Spaces and More to Replace Ranch Mall in Winter Park

Credit: Hill/Grey Seven

Two ordinances and a Conditional Use were approved at the February 24th Winter Park City Council meeting which will allow Hill/Grey Seven (Website) to develop a new 1.8 acre project called The Hill Center near the intersection of Fairbanks and Orlando Avenue.

The project will be located on the property housing the Ranch Mall at 415 S. Orlando Avenue (MAP) and the two properties behind it at 336 Grove Avenue (MAP) and 434 Grove Avenue (MAP).

The Ranch Mall was built in 1947 as a 36-room hotel. It was later turned into a commercial shopping center.

The new project will contain two buildings with a total of 24,000 SF of commercial space.

The southern building will contain two restaurant spaces each with 220 seat capacity and 15,000 SF between them on the ground floor and a 5,000 SF office space on the second floor. There won't be a second floor above the restaurant spaces, so each will have ceilings that extend to the second story.

The office space will contain the Hill/Grey Seven offices, relocated from Oviedo.

The northern building will contain a 4,000 SF sales showroom. The building will appear on the exterior as a two-story building but will actually be just one-story with high ceilings.

The property will contain bike parking, EV charging stations, and a 106-space parking lot.

Another parking lot will be constructed on 0.73 acres at 472 Broadview Avenue adjacent to the development and Killarney Estates to the north, west and south. A vacant 12-unit multi-family apartment complex under contract to be sold to Hill/Grey Seven occupies that property. They will remove it and replace it with a 70-space parking lot that will service the two new buildings.

An 8-foot brick wall with landscape screening on the outside toward the residential homes will run along Broadview to shield neighbors from the parking lot.

While the lot will be lit at night, the City limited the amount of illumination each light could give off as well as required shields to be attached to each to avoid light spillage.

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