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Henry's Depot New Name of Sanford Food Hall

Sanford is once again proving it's cooler than Orlando with the addition of a new food hall in an old train depot in downtown Sanford.

We told you last October that a new "interior multi-tenant shopping area" with a brewery named "The Basin" was coming to downtown Sanford at 212 W. 1st Street (MAP). Back then the name of the project was "First Street Market." It's recently been announced that the name has been changed to "Henry's Depot" according to Orlando Weekly.

The project will be homed inside a former train depot built in 1940. The building is located within the Downtown Commercial Historic District.

The shopping area will be similar to Plant Street Market. Recently announced tenants are Nutty Peanut billing itself as Florida's First Peanut Butter Café; Dixie Dharma which started a food truck for a hot second then opened its own restaurant called Market on South serving southern-inspired vegan meals in Orlando; Twisted Greek serving gyro sandwiches; and the aforementioned brewery still named The Basin. More will be announced as leases are signed. 

The check-out will work like our pop up shops: guests get access to all the food vendors but only have to pay at one location. This is heaven for guests. It's not known if they will also be a no-cash establishment like The Glass Knife in Winter Park. That would be double heaven. 

Also, according to Orlando Weekly, each food vendor will be allowed to sell beer and wine.


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