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New Apartments Coming to Hannibal Square

Bounce along red brick roads! Walk to an international stationary industry powerhouse! Get kicked out of Shady Park!

Winter Park City Council approved a request from Sydgan Corp. for site and building plan approval to construct a two-story 5,492 square foot residential building at 217 and 227 Hannibal Square East and to construct a two-story approximately 4,275 square foot retail/residential building at 218 South Pennsylvania Avenue.

217 and 227 Hannibal Square East (MAP)

The first floor of the building facing Hannibal Square East will be parking spaces that will be hidden from view from Hannibal Square East. This is to be a replica of the Liner Apartment building to the east at the SW corner of Welbourne and Virginia Avenues. The four residential units on the second floor of this Liner Apartment building fronting Hannibal Square, East are all less than 750 square feet in size.

218 South Pennsylvania Avenue (MAP)

The proposed two-story building at 218 S. Pennsylvania will have 750 square feet of retail or office space on the ground floor and 927 square feet of storage space. There will be a second floor residential unit 1,677 square feet in size. The retail spaces are not being provided parking to allow for use as restaurant space. They may be food related businesses, as long as they have 12 seats or less they are classified as retail. The storage space shown on the floor plan is only permitted to be used by the residences or other tenants of the property owner.


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