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City Hall Gun Violence Rally to #HonorThemWithAction

On June 11, the Pulse community will hold an Honor Them With Action rally rally at 6pm in the Orlando City Hall Rotunda (400 South Orange Avenue) to demand action from political leaders to end the epidemic of gun violence, reject NRA influence, and address the forgotten needs of the community.

This is a public event. Everyone is welcome.

612 days passed between Pulse and Parkland while Governor Rick Scott took no action to reduce gun violence. His promise to take executive action to protect LGBTQ state workers from discrimination was broken and mental health funding for Central Florida was slashed.

Two years later, the rally will renew our calls to #HonorThemWithAction through advocacy and political activism to ensure all communities, including the most marginalized, are kept safe from gun violence and that the memories of those lost to the epidemic are never forgotten.

In partnership with:

  1. Campaign To Keep Guns Off Campus

  2. Equality Florida

  3. Florida Coalition To Prevent Gun Violence

  4. Faith In Public Life

  5. Florida PTA

  6. Gays Against Guns

  7. March for our Lives

  8. Moms Demand Action - FL

  9. QLatinx


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