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Floridabilt Coming to Downtown to Celebrate All Things Local

The Floridabilt (Instagram | Website) is a new local-loving project coming to downtown Orlando inside the historic Church Street Station created by Mandy Longo.

"We are a venue that celebrates all things local," says Longo.

Guests may snack on a Florida-themed menu of lite bites and hand-helds from Artisan's Table (Website), enjoy Florida beer on tap and shop a variety of goods made by local artisans and makers. In the evenings there will be entertainment including interactive theater experiences, live music, floor shows, Orlando-themed movies, trivia, scavenger hunts, and guest speakers on Orlando-centric topics.

The building will also serve as the hub for owner Mandy Longo's tour business, Mosquito County Tours (Website).

Longo named the venue the Floridabilt as a nod to her predecessors, Joseph Ange (who built the Angebilt building) and Dr. Wells (who built the Wellsbilt building). The entrepreneur is working to renovate the inside to feel like you are stepping back in time to the turn of the century. She wants to help restore the building to its original glory. The vibe inside will be that of a General Store from years gone by.

The Florida-themed menu will be a custom menu created in partnership with Artisan's Table restaurant across the street. Guests will order food inside the venue and a ticket will pop up in their kitchen for the order. A runner will pick up the food and brings it over.

The venue is looking to partner with other local businesses including coffee makers, furniture makers, retail professionals and more.

The official opening date of The Floridabilt has not been announced yet.

Credit: Google Maps


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