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Til May 8th: Restaurants Banned From On-Site Dining, Can Deliver and Sell Alcohol

Florida restaurants may not sell food for on-site consumption until May 8th

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis banned restaurants from selling food for consumption on site through the issuing of his Executive Order 20-71 Friday March 20th.

The order expires May 8th with the possibility Of an extension.***

Restaurants may only operate their kitchens for the purpose of providing delivery and take-out services.

While alcohol may also not be served for consumption on site, restaurants will now be allowed to sell alcohol for delivery and take out thanks to a lift on the ban that typically prevents this activity. The alcohol purchase must be accompanied by the sale of food within the same order and must be in sealed containers.

Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (Website) President & CEO Carol Dover said, “Allowing restaurants to stay open for delivery and take-out, while also lifting the ban for alcohol delivery, is critical to supporting Florida’s dining establishments and their employees."

Also, any non-restaurant vendors licensed to sell alcohol for on-premise consumption must stop. However they may continue selling alcohol for off-site consumption so long as it’s in sealed containers.

Businesses that currently sell alcohol to be consumed off premises may still do so.

As part of the Executive Order, the Governor also closed gyms and fitness centers except those that fit the following criteria:

  1. An amenity of a hotel with a capacity of 10 persons or less

  2. An amenity of a residential building

  3. Inside a Police or Fire station

  4. Inside a single-occupant office building

These changes will remain in effect until May 8th and possibly later.

Executive Order 20-71 was filed at 1:22pm Friday. Read it here.

****Executive Order 20-71 will expire upon the expiration of Executive Order 20-52 (60 days from March 9th, the day 20-52 was executed including any extensions). Executive Order 20-52 is the one in which the Governor declared a State of Emergency due to the Coronavirus pandemic.


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