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Local Entrepreneurs Design the "Ultimate" E-Bike for Local Living

A new company called The Soil Company wants to enter the soil cleaning business. To raise funds, they're selling an E-Bike they designed themselves.

The Soil Company (Facebook | Website) wants to get into the brownfield clean up industry. Brownfields are the contaminated parcels of land beneath old gas stations. Once the brownfields are cleaned, the property can be used for other purposes.

Over the past 8 months the company has been engaged with NASA and other scientists as part of the T2 Rollins College program to look for a natural solution that will remove human created pollutants (like oil and diesel) from soil and groundwater.

To fund the company, it will be selling an E-Bike they spent the last 12 months developing called "The Soil Bike." It will be available for sale for 30 days through a Kickstarter campaign that launches June 14th.

The Soil Bike was designed in Winter Park and tested by hundreds of people during its creation. Their feedback led to the creation of "the ultimate city ebike," The Soil Bike. The bike is manufactured in Asia.

The Soil Bike Features:

  • 250W Bafang electric motor

  • Samsung Li-Ion integrated battery 36V, 8AH

  • Shimano 6 speed gears

  • Tektro disc brakes

  • Aluminum frame

  • Fully Foldable with carry handle

  • 15+ mph top speed 

  • 50 mile range (with pedal assist) 

The starting price is $1,200 during the Kickstarter campaign. The price will go up to $1,800 after the campaign.


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