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Petition to Get Eataly Food Hall to Come to Orlando

A petition to get Eataly food hall and Italian emporium (Website) to consider Orlando as the next city in which to build another location has been created by Alexie Fonseca, Director of Leasing at Unicorp National Developments, Inc.

Eataly is a large format Italian marketplace and food hall comprising a variety of restaurants, food and beverage counters, bakery, retail items, and a cooking school according to Wikipedia.

She describes Eataly in her petition, "Imagine a place where you feel like you’re walking through a market in Italy enjoying a glass of wine in a piazza as a musician plays in the distance. Imagine laughing with friends in a beer garden, watching the local butcher cut savory meats to order as incredible cheeses are displayed in the window. Imagine shopping through aisles of unique Italian flavors and ingredients while master chefs roll pasta from scratch in the windows. Now picture all of that under one roof."

Eataly has location in New York City, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and Los Vegas.

Fonseca says, "The uniqueness of this multifaceted Italian Market would thrive in the vibrant ever-growing city of Orlando and the community is ready to welcome it with open arms."

Photo Credit: Eataly


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