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DXV Central 15 Story Mixed-Use Tower Approved for Parramore

The DXV Central building is coming to Parramore.

Monday the Orlando City Council approved the Municipal Planning Board minutes from October 15th which included an ordinance rezoning the property at the corner of West Central Blvd and N. Division Avenue (MAP) in Parramore, the site for the proposed DXV Central building. The rezoning will allow for the construction of the building.

DVX Central will be located one block away from the recently announced Central City Station Project from Garber Development (responsible for the upcoming Mills Place and Maitland Market adaptive reuse projects) and 3 blocks away from the West Art District. The exact address of the Deerfield Investments Corporation's project, located 2 blocks from Exploria Stadium in the Callahan neighborhood of Parramore is 503, 509, and 515 W Central Blvd. (MAP)

The description of the proposed development includes ground-level spaces for retail or eating and drinking uses (7,500 sq. ft. of), 71,982 sq. ft. of office space, 189 residential apartments, a pool deck with residential amenities on the Roof Deck, and 417 parking spaces.

The Project must commence within 3 years of the effective date of the ordinance.

The ordinance changes the zoning from AC-2/T/PH (denoted as “Urban 63 Activity Center with the Traditional City overlay district and the Parramore Heritage overlay 64 district”) to PD/T/PH (Planned Development with the Traditional City and Parramore Heritage overlay 65 district).

This change in zoning allows the building to be taller and contain more apartments than what was allowed in its former state of zoning. Total height for buildings in an AC-2/T/PH zoning district is 100 ft. This building can now be 171 feet. 100 dwelling units per acre is the maximum permitted by code in the AC-2 zoning district. This building can now have 200 dwelling units per acre.

In order to qualify for the increase in dwelling unites (called a density bonus), at least 10% of the 115 development in the Project must be dedicated to a secondary use. That's why the building will have retail and eating & drinking activity on the ground floor.

The approval came with two amendments from Commissioner Hill: a reduction from 17 stories to 15 and a maximum overall height of 171 feet. A height of 182 feet was originally asked for.


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