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Downtown Winter Park Getting 6 Large Scale Sculptures - They Will be On Display til 2019

Hunt downtown Winter Park for all 6 of these colorful large scale metal sculptures! These kooky characters will be on display February 2018 to late January 2019.

Plans for the proposed Winter Park Art on the Green 2018 Exhibition will go before Winter Park City Council January 8th. 

As part of the proposal, six to seven large scale outdoor sculpture will be temporarily sited around downtown Winter Park February 2018 to late January 2019. This effort is produced by the Winter Park Public Art Advisory Board (PAAB).

Art on the Green is a periodic exhibition of large scale outdoor sculptures by noted artists. Coordinated by the Winter Park Public Art Advisory Board, Art on the Green creates a “museum without walls.” The combination of Art on the Green with the city’s other museums and cultural activities provides enjoyable educational opportunities for both Winter Park’s residents and guests. Placement: 

  1. four to five in the landscaped medians along Morse Boulevard from across from the train station lot west to Denning Drive

  2. one on the lawn of City Hall

  3. one in Martin Luther King Jr. Park at the southwest corner of Denning and Morse

The recommended placement of the sculptures and the exhibition timeline avoids disrupting the art festivals, park activities and scheduled holiday events.  

Exact placement and installation will be coordinated with Parks staff, and no concrete pads are necessary. The potential sites have been reviewed by Parks and Recreation staff and the proposal was approved by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board on November 29, 2018.  Their placement will coincide with the Winter Park Weekend of the Arts February 16 -19. That will feature over twenty art and culture organizations.

A full color Discovery Guide of the exhibition and the artist will be published online. The exhibition will be promoted by the city as an educational opportunity and a cultural tourism venue. 

This proposal will appear before City Council on January 8th. 


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