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All You Can Eat Tacos Coming Soon to Downtown - Chela Tequila & Tacos

All you can eat tacos for fifteen bucks will be a feature every Tuesday at Chela Tequila and Tacos when they open Tusday January 23rd at 183 Orange Ave as first reported by Orlando Weekly. The meal will cost $15. 

How does this compare to Chuy's free nachos bar? First off it's free. Second it comes with fresh-made chips, taco meat, queso, beans and salsa. If you build them right, a one-chip meat/cheese/bean-topped  bite is like a taco minus all the fixin's falling down your fist. If that doesn't interest you, Orlando has 20 other Orlando taco deals here

And there's always Taco bell...

Anyone remember this viral Taco Bell photo?

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