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Downtown Orlando Indoor Farmers Market Brings in 1,591 Attendees During Inaugural Event

The inaugural local foodie event called Downtown Indoor Farmers Market (WebsiteInstagram | Facebook) attracted 1,591 people at its debut Sunday June 9th in downtown Orlando. Vendors sold specialty mushrooms, organic produce, micro-greens, pasture-raised chickens, pastries, fresh baked bread and more.

The market featured familiar faces from area markets including Frog Song Produce, Fleet Farming, Wild Ocean Seafood, and Tamale Co. Also dotting the event were notable popular local food businesses that never appear at farmers markets including Orlando Meats, Stasio's Italian Deli (who baked the fresh bread), and Fig & Flour Bakery.

The air conditioning and multiple bars helped encourage shoppers to stay and relax after their shopping was done.

Produced by The Daily City (Instagram) and curated by Orlando Sentinel Culinary Hall of Fame member Mark Baratelli, the market took place inside Celine at 22 S. Magnolia Avenue. 


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