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Site-Specific Theatrical Journey Coming Downtown in October

This October, the Creative City Project (Website) is producing a "site-specific theatrical journey that unfolds amongst the alleyways, street corners, and public spaces of Downtown Orlando" called Bright Young Things.

The title borrows its name from the notorious group of London Bohemians of the 1920s. The audience will find a unique universe where modern technology mixes with classic 1920’s fashion and jazz. While focused on how the world may have been different if Prohibition was never repealed, the story isn’t limited to one specific time or place.

The walk around event will feature theatrical lighting and an effects soundtrack.

Guests choose one of four available experiences when they purchase their ticket. Each experience contains its own storyline. The show is 70 minutes long.

A limited number of tickets will be sold in advance for each show. The entire show takes place outdoors and in well ventilated spaces. Audience members will be asked to distance from actors and other groups for the whole of the night. Audience members will wear masks for the duration of the adventure.

The show opens Friday, October 2. Purchase tickets HERE.

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