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Downtown Dining Options to Increase Thanks to 4 New Spaces

These four spaces are being created on the ground floor of an office building in the Central Business District. Let's eat!

4 new downtown restaurant spaces will be added to the Central Business District thanks to a large scale renovation of the plaza at 20 N. Orange Ave starting June. The plaza is across from Wall Street Plaza and part of the building called "20 N. Orange Ave."

A portion of the building that faces Wall Street will receive a new retail canopy, new glass storefront doors, stucco repair, and exterior lighting. The restaurant spaces will range from 1,072 sq ft to 5,013 sq ft and all come with outdoor patio space facing Orange Ave.

Landlords of buildings like this generally prefer nationally-backed long-term leases. This can nix the opportunity for smaller local brands to have presence in these buildings.


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