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Downtown Beauty Salon to Receive Grant From Minority/Women Business Assistance Program

The Minority / Women Entrepreneur Business Assistance Target Area | Downtown Orlando

Styles by Son’Jae (Facebook), a beauty salon two blocks west of the Amway Arena on the first floor of the City View property at 595 West Church Street in Suite G is scheduled to receive a $30,808.54 grant for capital equipment, rent abatement, expansion cost, marketing assistance, QuickBooks subscription, and business education and training.

The grant comes from the Minority/Women Business Assistance Program. The MEBA Program provides financial assistance of up to $40,000.00 to qualified new and existing retail and service businesses for retention/relocation expenses, purchase of capital equipment, marketing services, and business start-up expenses.

The MEBA Program assists with small business retention and creation in the MEBA target area as defined within the Downtown Orlando Community Redevelopment Area. The MEBA Program Target Area is generally bounded by West Colonial Drive, South Westmoreland Drive, West Gore Street and Interstate-4. The program began in 2006.

The MEBA Advisory Board recommended approval of funding for up to $30,808.54 at the June 11, 2018 MEBA Advisory Board Meeting. The CRA Advisory Board recommended approval of funding for up to $30,808.54 at the June 13, 2019 CRA Advisory Board Meeting. It goes before City Council Monday July 8th as part of the Mayor's Consent Agenda.


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