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2 Disney T-Shirts a Local May Actually Buy


By Mark Baratelli


If you're like me, you're a local with a Disney annual pass and you go when you have nothing better to do. You resent going but are grateful it's there. At least it's something. But one thing, if you're like me, you never do is wear a Disney t-shirt because they all suck.


DisneyStyle is a new-to-me store at Disney Springs. It's located across from the large Starbucks with the fireplace in its rear. The whole store is an attempt to appeal to adults with actual honed senses of humor. Some merchandise succeeds better than others, but it's more close than Disney t-shirts have ever been to funny. On the whole, the copywriting is a step WAY above the usual theme park trash tourists drag home with them. It's so far off-brand it's like they hired an outside company to make them and accidentally opened a store for them.


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