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Disney Gondolas Launch Late September

We're more excited about this than Star Wars-Ville.

Disney announced this week that their gondola transportation system, similar to those used as snow skiing resorts and several cities across the world, will open to passengers September 29th.

The system is called the Disney Skyliner. It will connect Epcot and Hollywood Studios with 3 hotels: Yacht Club, Beach Club, and BoardWalk. A 4th hotel will be on the line when the hotel opens in December.

Gondolas are used around the world for public transportation. In the US, gondolas are used in only two cities for public transportation: Portland and New York City. The first gondola built for use in the US was in 1957.

According to Ski Resort, vehicles like these can reach "transport capacities of up to 3,600 passengers/hour" depending on the cabin size. This type of shape is also good for hauling families and seniors. It can slow down for slow loading and unloading, and the folks inside don't have to deal with wind and weather.

The gondolas will be dropping people at the back entrance of Epcot rather than the front. This back entrance to Epcot has been around for a long time. One could only get to it if they parked in the Boardwalk hotel parking lot or Beach Club hotel parking lot and walked to it, or if they rode the boat from Hollywood Studios and walked to it.

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