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Mini Grocery Store Opens in Downtown Orlando Called DGX

DGX (Website) mini grocery store opened for business this week in downtown Orlando at 50 S Rosalind Avenue (MAP) on the first floor of the Modera Central apartment building.

Hours are 7am to 12am.

DGX is a concept store designed by Dollar General specifically for urban areas.

It packs a lot of product categories into small retail footprint. DGX carries fruit and vegetables, home cleaning supplies, health and beauty products, pet supplies, grab-and-go salads and sandwiches, electronics, paper products and more.

Small square shaped grocery carts are available for use.

DGX was born from Dollar General’s customer research that revealed a millennial shopper on the Company’s customer segmentation for the very first time in 2016. That research "solidified Dollar General’s understanding of how it serves a millennial customer" according to the store's website.

The first DGX concept store opened in Nashville, Tennessee. They can now be found in Nashville, Raleigh, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Columbus.

Dollar General looks to add 20 new DGX stores in FY 2020.


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