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Craft & Common Coffee and Gift Shop Opens Downtown

Just when you think locally owned coffee shops can't get any cuter - BOOM - Craft & Common opens downtown.

By Mark Baratelli

Editor in Chief

Craft & Common coffee and gift shop opened downtown at 47 E. Robinson Street Suite 100. It offers a full coffee bar, a small selection of baked desserts, a large selection of gifts, cold canned drinks, and a smattering of tables and chairs.


The space is dominated by a blonde wood community table in the middle of the space. This is where you want to sit. The tiny cafe tables don't put you in the right spot. You want to be in the center of everything, feeling the calm and positive vibes coming at you from all sides.

As you walk in, you'll notice right side of the space feels decorated and active, with rows of gift-laden shelving, seating and a colorful open-faced fridge. The left side feels purposefully minimal with a large white undecorated wall (Save the lovely logo), a black and white coffee bar, and a few cafe tables and chairs.

Potted plants are hung on two walls in white plastic buckets and tucked in any corner that needs some softening.

Insta-ladies will hear the siren song of the Instagram selfie spot with its on-trend palm wallpaper and teensy rattan chairs. Hell, I did. Click!

I spoke with one of the two employees who said all the traffic they've seen has been from instagram. They said it's been a non-stop trickle since the day they opened. No ads, no nothing. Just photos of the beautiful minimalist interior.


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