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Colonial Lanes is Under Contract to be Sold

Colonial Lanes bowling alley at 400 Primrose Drive (MAP) in the Milk District is under contract to be sold to National Real Estate (Website).

The owner of National Real Estate, Giovanni Fernandez, spoke with The Daily City.

Colonial Lanes will remain a bowling alley and the building will be renovated.

Fernandez traveled the country looking at renovated bowling alleys from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s for inspiration.

The project will be adaptive re-use which is in line with the other projects he's executed in the Milk District. Fernandez wishes to bring the building up to modern standards without losing the original vibe of the building and the business.

The project is scheduled to be completed near or just after the end of 2020.

National Real Estate is the company that created the Hourglass District, renovated the Milk District building at the corner of Robinson & Bumby, and announced plans to turn a car wash into a micro-shopping center.

Photo Credit: Mark Baratelli for The Daily City


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